Ne(x)t Generation Learning Space - An ongoing Free and Open Course

NetGeners.Net is a Free and Open learning space for people to develop the skills they need in today's lifelong learning and knowledge societies. People might think of NetGeners.Net as a course, just that it is Free, Open and flexible without fixed start and end date. NetGeners.Net is supposed to be an open and participatory learning experience that involves practical ‘hands-on' sessions where the learning activities and the things that all participants create will become a part of its learning space. That way other people should be enabled to benefit from NetGeners participants achievements and build upon the things they have started, instead of starting from scratch - just like you would benefit from what the others did! At NetGeners.Net nobody only acts as a passive learner, everybody is an active contributor and co-creator. Participants are being asked to establish their own learning projects and project teams; or to join into learning projects of others; and everybody can tell what he wants to change in NetGeners.Net. Every NetGeners.Net participant can expect tutoring (support), but will not receive any official degree awarding certificate or credit points from the NetGeners.Net team. The NetGEners.Net team is there for every one, to provide people with guidance, to mentor their project, to discuss problems, to participate at regular chats - and after all: to have a great time.

You can a read more detailed description about what is NetGeners here.

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